Hair Bow Clip Style Names

Hair Bow Clip Style Names

Determining Hair Bow Clip Style Names –

We often get asked about the different style names for hair bow clips.  So we thought we would make a chart of the different names that we are aware of when referring to metal hair clip design styles. This is by no means an end all source on metal hair clip styles. But is a beginning to understanding the differences between hair clips.

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Alligator Clip or Single Prong Alligator Clip with Teeth

We currently sell this one in the crafting section of our website. The teeth designed into this clip give it a good hold especially for fine hair. Sometimes if I find a great cheer bow for my daughter but it has a hair tie instead of a clip, I will replace the hair tie with one of these style clips. She has fine hair and I struggle with using thick hair ties in her hair.

For the rest of the DIY hair bow clips featured below, we are going to refer our customers to the HairBow Center. They have a bigger hair bow design and crafting section than we do on our store site.

Metal Snap Clip

The Metal Snap Clip is great for keeping “fly aways” put or pulling back the sides of your hair.

Standard Clip or Single Prong Alligator Clip (no teeth)

This hair clip works fine but I always recommend putting it in front of a small plastic hair tie so it stays put.

Standard Double Clip or Double Prong Alligator Clip (no teeth)

This is also a great hair clip for fine hair. I personally like the this style designed with small teeth. But the standard one works great too.

French Barrette

These types of hair clips have good hold but in my opinion are not as good for fine or small amounts of hair. I would recommend an alligator style clip for fine hair.

Alligator Double Clip or Double Prong Alligator Clip with Teeth

These are a little harder to find for DIY hair bows. But I did find an Etsy Shop that sells them. Please link below if you have sources for these types of clips. Some of our manufactured hair bows have these types of clips and I love them because they really do stay put and are great for fine hair.

Hair bow clip style metal names


Please let us know your favorite hair clip styles below. Where do you buy your DIY metal hair clips for crafting hair bows? Where have you found the best prices?

Author: Carolyn Pofok, The Princess Express


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