Crafting Headbands - Sizing

Crafting Headbands – Sizing

Crafting Headbands

We often get the question why don’t we have different sizing available for our headbands. Honestly we have one size available on a lot of our hairbands to keep costs down. When we can buy in bulk from a designer or manufacturer this saves money. Then we can pass that cost savings onto our customers. Most often we buy standard sizing approximately 14-15 inches.

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But what if you need a specific size? We suggest crafting your headbands or hairbands then. Now here at The Princess Express we do not have a large crafting section in our online store. We only sell overstock in this area. For example, if we had a project and we had some unused materials or flowers left over then we would sell them at a great price in our crafting section. But we also like Boutique Emilee for crafting supplies.

So what size should you make your headbands? The best way is to measure the circumference your little one’s head. Sizing depends on your little girl but our standard is 12 inches for a newborn, 13 inches for 3-6 months old, and 14 inches for a 6 month old plus. But our main material is a soft satin elastic that normally stretches to fit. Even the jersey knit cotton and lace fabric blends that we use also stretch to fit.

When customizing a headband, we recommend using a felt padding on the inside of the headband for protection. You can normally find these felt pads on Amazon or E-Bay.

Here is a link to standard white felt pads on Amazon (see image below):

Having a glue gun will be essential in this process. Have fun with crafting hairbands and experiment with different colors and textures. As always please contact us with any questions at

Safety: Never leave infants unattended while wearing hair accessories.

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